We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know

I recently became aware of SiriusXM.

Lest you think I’m some fancy-schmancy connoisseur of automobile features and perks, you should know that, until recently, I had no idea what SiriusXM was.

An urgent phone call from our Dear Firstborn Son brought news that DFS’s car had died and was unrepairable, and that he needed another car pronto (to be able to get to work everyday). The only used car we knew of with a solid, reliable history that also happened to be immediately available and that could be easily adapted for DFS (he is a “handicapped” driver whose driver’s license requires certain modifications of any car he drives) was my 2011 Subaru Outback.

Since my car was available and was the most promising for DFS (his former car had been a 2005 Subaru Outback, so we were confident my Outback could be adapted appropriately for him), we decided DFS would get my car to replace his. That left me without wheels of my own.

Oh my.  Too bad.  I was going to need a new car. 😛

Fast forward a couple months.

Dan now owns what was formerly my Outback (fully modified for him), and I now have the 2019 version of  my old car (I *love* my Outbacks).

Because we bought my updated Outback brand spankin’ new (won’t go into reasons why we bought new, but it was the best choice for us in this season of life even with immediate depreciation), the car came with a one-year-free subscription to SiriusXM.

For those who don’t know (as I didn’t), SiriusXM, also called SXM, is satellite-streamed radio (bounces signals off satellites instead of using standard radio airwaves). It allows you to receive participating stations anywhere, regardless of broadcasting location, without losing signal as you travel (like the way you lose local or regional stations when you move out of range).  This not-losing-signal feature is something I figure will come in handy the next time I drive through five US states to see the grands.  (I haven’t done that yet in the new car.)

5G4J1XO4Rpm53ASevCGhiQI’ve been happily scooting around locally in my new ride for a couple of months now, so I’ve had time to figure out some of its new-to-me features.  While learning about said features, I stumbled upon a channel on SiriusXM called “Laugh USA” (billed as “comedy for everyone” meaning that it’s family friendly, even though it’s stand-up comedy).

Those who know me, know that I’m a strong believer in “giggle factor”:  the more things in my life that make me laugh, the better. “Laugh USA” makes me laugh.

Before the new car (let’s abbreviate that to BTNC), I most often listened to one of two radio stations: our local full-time news radio (24/7 news and weather) or our local Christian radio station (where my DTS works) billed as “positive, uplifting” radio. That’s about it. I had stopped listening to the other 16 stations I’d pre-set on my car’s radio buttons because I found them depressing, boring, or infuriating. BTNC my radio-station-world consisted of two stations with little or no giggle factor.

Who knew an entire world’s worth of stations existed out there just a SXM-capability’s away?  Who knew radio programs that could actually make me laugh even existed?

BTNC, I sure didn’t.

In fact, BTNC, I didn’t even know I was missing out on that world.

Enter DFS’s car crisis. What seemed to be a negative (car-trouble), something most of us would understandably prefer to avoid, resulted in not only better circumstances for us both (we both substantially improved our rides), but also opened a world to me about which I knew nothing.  A world that, to my knowledge, didn’t exist.

The kicker is that I didn’t even know what I was missing. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

I wonder what other things I’m missing because I don’t know that I don’t know about them.

What else do I not know that I don’t know?

A lot, I guess.

Probably more than I know. 😛

That’s sobering and humbling.  But it’s also fun.  It means there’s still much out there yet to be discovered and explored.

And it means there’s likely more giggle factor out there for me to find. 😀

Stay tuned, and I’ll let you know when I find it.

Until next time.










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I'm a middle-aged woman, a love-my-seeester twin, a happy 37-year wife to my BFF, mother of four terrific thirty-something kids, MeeMaw to three precious grands, Momma to three Labrador retrievers (Pinot, Tuc, and Chessie) and silly mutt named Merlin, and all around kid-at-heart who loves the outdoors, finds giggle-factor in the ordinary, and is relishing this Autumn phase of her life. It may be Autumn, but there's so much more to learn and explore! Won't you join me?

One thought on “We Don’t Know What We Don’t Know”

  1. I love my Sirius! It has been great for dog shows and travel to and from the in-law’s old house (2 hours away) to close the estate. I love the lack of annoying commercials and the fact I can list specific genres and decades of music as well as news and comedy! Glad you are enjoying it, you can add it to your smart phone at no cost while you have the service. Nice for long waiting room waits!


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